About Predator USA Travel Teams

About Predator USA Elite Travel Baseball 

The competitive youth baseball travel team concept continues to explode throughout all parts of the country. New teams are being started every day, Travel baseball was organized to give the more talented baseball players of our communities the opportunity to play baseball at a higher, more competitive level year around. The Predator Baseball Organization finds competitive youth baseball exciting, and feels fortunate to be operating as a team(s) within the Chandler Community and Nationwide. Predator Performance Sports Management is an LLC., community-based organization with strong roots and a bright future. We are associated with all youth leagues including; Chandler National Little League, Chandler American, Gilbert Little League, East Valley Baseball league, Auwatukee Little League, Chandler Youth Baseball and have supported other local neighborhood baseball leagues and teams around Arizona. We will take time off each year to play Little League and continue to support our kids playing other sports.


Bottom line; it is our intent to teach the necessary fundamentals and provide an environment that will allow a player to excel in his baseball skills throughout his Jr. High and High School years with the hopes of receiving a college/university baseball scholarship (Www.ShowUsU.com) when eligible, and that the skills, attitude and values practiced in travel ball which transcend beyond the playing field.




“Team Predator” Philosophy

Our Predator teaching program is based upon this premise: “Getting your kids to the next level” - whatever that level is and by respecting those around you will make you a better team player and us a better team, This includes respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires, and ultimately, respect for parents, We believe this is the first step toward becoming a successful team unit. Our intent is to teach the pro fundamentals of baseball, while instilling in each player the benefits of hard work, goal setting, self-control, self-confidence and positive thinking, Parents are expected to participate in the program to the extent that they will encourage and assist where needed to ensure that their son's experience is a positive one.


From Predator Founder; Bill Sandillo

First, the reason I wanted to start a Predator Travel Team Organization and Coach & Team Mentorship Program was so I would not dominate your families lives with baseball being that I am a full-time professional baseball coach but because I believed the kids can play competitive baseball, learn the professional way to play and have a life as well and let your kids play other sports. I wanted to control your boys commitments to Baseball and allow them be multi-sport kids.

Second, I believe that this age between 8 and 14 is a perfect time to be a mentor. The boys can learn rapidly from my professional experiences and the experiences of my coaches, they can apply the skills we teach them and most important, they are eager and want to learn. We have taught them all the fundamentals at an early age providing what we believe will be a competitive advantage in future years.                                                                                                                                             

Third, I believe the “fun” in baseball comes from learning and getting better. WE are pushing our kids to be better, to learn the fundamentals, to know the game. This takes time and we have to work hard (an easy word for being tough on them). I know by the end of this run, we will have a lot of fun as parents watching and coaching and our kids will enjoy playing -- because they know how. The satisfaction (confidence) of a skill learned is one of the finest feelings in the world.

Fourth, I believe that this is a great time to develop; We also believe in teamwork, discipline, focus and dedication to our craft. We can teach them a great lesson: What it takes to be good. We can lead by example. Expect us, as coaches and mentors, to be hard, but fair; tough but educational; and most of all teachers of baseball, life and the “Predator Way to Play.”


Predator Mentored Team Goals

• Learn ALL of the important Predator baseball commands, fundamentals and program.

• Learn ALL of the rules of baseball.

• Learn ALL of the intricacies and delicacies of baseball to appreciate the thinking man’s game.

• Provide a learning environment that is positive, focused, and enjoyable for players and families.

• Develop a team/program that continues to grow and be a contender against the most difficult competition.

• Challenge every player to improve his or her baseball skills to the highest degree.

• Give each player confidence that will help them in other areas of their lives.

• Build friendships that will last past baseball.

• Teach the meaning of Commitment, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Teamwork.


Players Behavior & Commitment

Players should be 100% committed to the team. I believe that playing should be fun for all. I also believe that there is a difference between having a good time, and fooling around.

I also believe that there is a difference between earning the reward yourself through hard work, an expecting to receive your reward effortlessly, while everyone else works hard.

There is no favoritism. All positions are earned. Each player will have ample opportunity to prove himself during practices. A player shouldn’t have to tell others he’s a shortstop or pitcher. He shouldn’t have to let others know that he’s a clean-up hitter.

We will never tolerate, throwing things, engaging an umpire or any outward display of anger. Oh and don’t forget Tom Hanks rule..."There’s no crying in baseball!"


Here’s some interesting statistics:

• Only 10% of Little Leaguers will move on to High School ball.

• 35% don’t move up because of physical inability to play at the highest level.

• 65% don’t move up because of poor coaching during their developmental years.

• 70% don’t move up because of parents’ egos.

Parents are strongly encouraged to avoid confiding in their son that he should really be playing a position other than where the coach is playing him, or that he should really receive more playing time than the coach is giving him. Planting this element of second-guessing, double and mistrust in a young man’s mind only hinders his ability to become a true part of a team effort and can, if not corrected early on, reveal itself in outward displays of disrespect for those in authority, something that will not be tolerated by Predator Coaches.  The coaching staff believes that all players must learn to play the game two ways: (1) On the field and (2) on the bench.  Individual success at both positions, are critical to the team’s success.

We strongly believe in not only good, but also GREAT sportsmanship.  We encourage cheering for our kids, not cheering against the others. (It’s OK to cheer other team’s exceptional plays).  We do not permit excluding/isolating kids and will never tolerate players (or Coaches) talking behind another team member’s back.  WE don’t use foul language and we don’t make fun of each other or other Teams players.  Respect will be shown to all those in authority regardless, including parents, coaches, and umpires.

One of the surest ways to prevent a player from having ample opportunity to become an important member of a competitive baseball team is for the parents and/or relatives to get in the way.  Chronic complainers, sideline coaches, and out of control parents will not be tolerated.


Cost: Tuition/Team Dues 

Team dues varies from team to team depending on how many tournaments you play in, how many practices you have weekly, if you play in a league or if you have multiple sets of Uniforms. Dues can range from $100 to $200 per month. We always try to keep our costs affordable and work with parents on monthly dues if issues arise. 



Although umpires manage the game, how all the players, parents and coaches conduct themselves on and off of the field cannot be monitored in travel ball. By design, travel ball is totally independent and held together only by the self developed bonds of sportsmanship, good attitude, self-control, love and respect for the game. The bottom line is; you develop a team, teach by example and build your own reputation. It is extremely important that EVERYONE not only understands our code, but also follows it closely. Heightened competition can raise tempers and egos, and unfortunately, if not kept in check, can unravel a team quickly. On a positive note, the examples I have seen of good and bad behavior are no worse in travel ball that I have seen in other leagues. Just because it is more competitive does not mean it cannot be done with class and sportsmanship. How we as a team, (which includes the parents) conduct ourselves on and off the field is critical for the overall health and reputation of the team and the Predator organization.

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