Player Development Program


The “Player Development Program” was developed by coach Bill Sandillo as a way to enhance any player’s overall ability while learning to train correctly. This program has been a highly success program for us. The program allows certain players who might normally be cut or on the fence during tryouts the opportunity to stay on the team and receive the same instructional help as all the other while learning, training and practicing with the team.



If the coach offers a player a “developmental spot” on one of our teams he feels this player is good enough to make this team in the near future and would like that player to learn the “Predator Way to Play” (our systems). And should that developmental player shows significant signs of development during the course of the season the head coach may take him off developmental and give him a full roster spot. (It’s the Coaches decision to do this and there is no time limit) This format also allows us to interchange kids from team to team (if we have two teams of the same age bracket) and allow those kids who perform well to play on multiple Predator teams and gain some playing experience at different levels. This will also allow us to STOP recruiting new kids to fill rosters and running them through our system when we can reward our own kids by offering them a full roster spot if they are ready.



The developmental player will pay 60% dues unless more FEES are needed for extra tournaments, uniforms, training, equipment etc., which was not in the original budget.



On the Playing side for Tournaments & League play to set the right expectations the developmental player should NOT expect to play unless the coach decides to put him in. This is to avoid any conflicts with the parents. The head coach can PLAY the developmental player at any given time if he feels that player has worked hard at practice and wants to reward that hard work. At any given time other full roster Predator players may come down to fill voids in the team’s roster. This format works great during Little League season and for those teams who break to play other sports. The developmental player IS ENCOURAGED to attend all games and tournaments as part of his overall development. Please let the coach know if he will not attend.