About Us; The Predator Story

About Us; And The Predator Story: ("The Eyes of the T-Rex")

OK so to understand "The Predator Story" we have to go way back to when I was a kid in grammar school. Like all kids, I was fascinated with Dinosaurs. I loved them. I did a report on the T-Rex in grammer school and fell in love with this animal. So years later when I decided to form a Baseball training school I knew it wasn't going to be about "Bill Sandillo" per say, and I didn't have a Baseball Name that everyone knew like; Ted Williams or Barry Bonds.  

So through all my years working in Pro Baseball I developed a Teaching "System" to help kids learn better and faster. I developed a Training System that could help players of all ages understand themselves better as players. And gave them a step-by-step approach to learning this game the right way. So the original name of my first company was; The New England Predator's I started this name & logo back in 1993 while working for the Red Sox AA team in New Britain CT., because after reading up on the T-Rex in grade school I was impressed with how this animal approached his enemies on a daily basis. The T-Rex was one of the most feared animals of its time.

The T-Rex was also very fast for its size, and fearless to every other animal. Also, by far the strongest of its size to walk the earth. It attacked with "Fierce Competitiveness". I liked that - Fierce Competitiveness. I built my company around that slogan. The T-Rex was an offensive animal who didn't care who he was up against. Every day he knew he had to be stronger, faster and better then his enemies or he would get killed.

The T-Rex always intrigued me at a young age because besides his overall appearance and size you could always tell how serious he was by the "look in his eyes" and how he attacked with speed & power. His eyes tell the story of an animal that is as dominant as they come. The Predator logo (“Eyes”) logo was born. I want all my players who are lucky enough to wear this logo, remind themselves “why” we wear this logo and what hard work and good worth ethic can do to get you to the next level and the top of your game.



"About Us"

We are a family business. I learned this game from my Dad (Albert Sandillo) who played back in the 1940's - 70's. I have a brother (John Sandillo) who was a great Baseball player and threw 7-No Hitters growing up in Youth baseball. I followed my Brother to College and we both played at American International. I went on to work & play in pro and semi-pro baseball organizations for seven (7) teams and was part of a World Championship as a brand ambassador and member of the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001. Today I coach baseball year round from Cape Cod, MA to Italy. Full-time training in Chandler Arizona and have a great family. My wife Wendy and our two boys, Albert & Roman. I am also proud to say I am presently a stage-4 Melanoma Cancer Survivor.

I have always said this; "Baseball just like life throws you curve balls once in a while, but make the most out of every opportunity God puts in your path. Create Memories with your Family and Loved ones. LIFE - LAUGH - LOVE EVERYDAY. And never wish you had done something. Go after your dreams and Go make everyday GREAT!


Lead On & Inspire Others;

Bill Sandillo & Family