Boxing Cardio for Baseball Training


Bill Sandillo's Boxing Cardio for Baseball Training

What is Boxing Cardio for Baseball?

Boxing Cardio for baseball is a NEW way train to increase strength, speed and overall power for Baseball. With baseball specific movements at the core of this training, this type of training will for sure be the new way to train for baseball. Each training session is a 2-hour long progression program and may have a different rotation exercises or slightly different emphasis weekly. This means Training may be focused on “Power” one week and more “Flexibility, Quickness and Strength” the next.


 After a series of timed station-to-station rotation exercises, each student either starts a 20-minute Crossover Shoulder Symmetry routine or Station Tee Work. Once done with both rotations each student gets to hit Live for 20-30 minutes to finish off their 2.5 hours of training and after that take a supplement of crazybulk D bal steroid alternative. Measured Progress - Progress is objectively measured which includes measuring warm up runs, quickness, strengthen work, mobility, along with swing path command and power. 


Requirements -

Players are required to come ready to train. Bring a duffel bag NOT your bat bag. Have a towel, water and or energy bar in there. Bring one or two bats you will train with and use throughout the season. Also have a notebook handy. Its good to take notes documenting your own progress. You will be tracking your progress and your daily training performances to build better awareness and set short term and long term goals.


Classes start in the Fall. Email us at;

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