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I love training other coaches on the finer points of this game. I often try to do "League Training" with local youth Leagues because I feel if I can educate the "Little League Dads" on how to teach and coach this game, then they can pass it down to their players. I call it the "Pied Piper Effect".  League  training is a great way to help my community and give back the knowledge I developed as a Professional Coach, Player & Executive.  


Article Written by; Bill Sandillo, August 2010

Entitled; “Dads - It’s Not Your Fault”

(Disclaimer; This article is not meant to disrespect volunteer coaches but to educated them) 



Dear Little League Dads and/or Volunteer Coaches:


Let me just say this right now - “It’s not your fault”. It’s not your fault that your Dad taught you what you knew about baseball, it’s not your fault that your High School teacher was your baseball coach and also your science teacher and it’s not your fault you don’t know everything there is to know about coaching your own son. We know what we were taught by our Dads. And because of that we are teaching of kid’s the same outdated information. (get your back elbow up, squish the bug)


The reason why so many Little League players never reach their full potential and why most never get to play at or past the high school level is because they simply get such poor instruction when their young from Little League coaches, volunteer Dads, Club Ball coaches and from so-so private instructors who are doing their best but may know just enough to be dangerous. They teach out dated training methods which they were taught or actually did when they played. Some of these club coaches and so-so private instructors even played college and pro baseball. I know it's hard to believe but its true…they never really learned how to teach proper mechanics in anything even though they may have been outstanding Players themselves.


So all I'm saying is - "Its NOT your fault". We just know what we know and being a Pro instructor now for 25 years, I was a good player but never really learned the game until I was done playing and actually was around coaches who knew how to COACH & TEACH this game. Coach & Teach, That's why I always say; "Being able to play at a high level doesn't mean you can teach at a high level". Some of my best coaches were not good players themselves. Coaches may know a little about hitting, pitching, fielding etc., but even the good high school coaches will tell you that they do not know everything about proper mechanics or more importantly how to fix it. Most coaches in Jr. High or High School are paid facility who have taught or coached there for a while and get their information and drills from the internet.


Sports science has proven that between the ages of 9 and 13 is when kids learn bad swing skills or mechanics so they are locked in. So think about this; "In your sons "DEVELOPMENT YEARS" WHO is teaching him the game?????? The teacher, mechanic or insurance salesman by day coach by night that's who. NOT bad people just inexperienced coaches. Tommy John surgery is up 400% since 2012. 400%!!!!!


So That’s why I like to work with leagues, teams and individuals. Because I feel I can make a difference in not just the players ability to play the game better, but the parents too....... For league training details, email me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you; Bill Sandillo  


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