Small Group Training (SGT)

Small Group Training (SGT) With Bill Sandillo

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Bill Sandillo founded Predator USA 20-years ago as way of giving players an opportunity to learn this game the "Right way". Working with some of the games Top-Coaches, Bill has worked at every level in professional baseball perfecting the BEST training methodologies on the Market today.

Small Group Training or SGT is "OUR MOST POPULAR Program" and a great way to train with Friends and other teammates.  While one student is doing the drills the other can observe and learn by seeing it in action. Every student has their own "Swing DNA" and working together or in Small groups allows the player to learn quicker. Bill Sandillo’s niche in this marketplace is providing clients with a dynamic training system & professional approach that has immediate and measurable results.


Bill does this by focusing his training on four main pillars; Ultimate Balance, Rhythm, Vision,  and Timing. Bill creates a skill development atmosphere with intense training solutions. For his clients, the only end result is "measurable RESULTS". Hundreds of new players each year are very loyal to Bill's high training standards and brand recognition because of the quality of his system and the professionalism of Bill Sandillo himself.

"Again, For the customers who take part in my training programs, I will provide the latest trends in professional training at a low cost with unbeatable value!  Come see for yourself"…  


Thank you; Bill Sandillo