Team Training (TT)

Team Training (TT) With Bill Sandillo (See training Matrix for Pricing)


Bill Sandillo founded Predator USA 19-years ago as way of giving players an opportunity to learn this game the "Right way". Working with some of the games Top-Coaches, Bill has worked at every level in professional baseball perfecting the BEST training methodologies on the Market today.

Team Training or TT is the GREAT way to train entire TEAMS. Our Team Training Program consists of me and couple of my coaches coming out to a Practice and organizing the drills, from start to finish including; Dynamic warm-up, Skill station rotations, Throwing Program, Hitting Program, Defense and Agility training. Each practice runs about 2-hours and each coach is emailed the entire practice plan plus multiple practice plans and drills to make future practices pro style and time efficient. Email me for complete "Team Training" details........

Thank you;

Bill Sandillo