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ShowUsU is an industry leading state of the art online recruitment platform and network designed to harness the power of the Internet to enable you to reach potential clients and grow your business.  ShowUsU serves over 1,600 Nationwide University & College Coaches. In addition, ShowUsU affords you the opportunity to promote your Player profile on our website while the payer interacts with friends on the site as well.  We are experts in the online Recruitment business with 22-years of experience successfully matching players with potential schools. 

We use the information you enter in your registration to connect you with the right Coaches and Schools across the nation. And Coaches searching for players can search for you as well. Every box that you check in the registration process, every word you type, every detail you provide to us can be sent to poetical Coaches for their review of your Stats. This generation of Athlete has never seen this type of recruitment tool before. Our kids can now be recruited On-line. We encourage and empower you to take the time to enter as much information as possible in your profile. You are in control of your destiny.

What happens after You register? After you have registered with you will be contacted in your profile to complete your player profile to make sure you get maximum exposure within your profile. Remember this profile can be sent directly by potential schools/ coaches who will view your ShowUsU account. 


$499.99/ Life

This type of membership is a “Life” Membership designed to give you the comfort of going through your High School (and JC) experience from Freshman year to when you graduate. It’s a do-it-yourself membership PLUS. The PLUS is you get a personal WEBSITE that will help you go through the process of getting recruited and help you showcase yourself to the right colleges. And you will be able to email unlimited number of schools monthly.   


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Bill Sandillo; Pro Mentor/ Advisor $750

A PRO Mentor / Advisor help you go through the process of emailing the right schools, understanding special recruiting dates, and help you navigate the recruiting process faster and smarter.


Professional Video $200

One day of shooting, then have your first cut of video done in 3-5 days.