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Arizona Coaches Certification Association ("ACCA")

The ACCA was formed to provide coaches and parents a better way to train and mentor their own kids and teams better with the BEST & latest training and evaluation information found anywhere. This is an exclusive club of coaching professionals who share information to help one another get better. Besides professional service and personal coaching attention we want the coaches to train their players a whole new perspective on professional training and get the whole learning experience when they come to us. In today’s baseball training world and in the haste to get parents interested in Baseball Training, Ex-professionals and so called baseball Trainers are falling short on their teaching, development and information promises. Here at Predator University we believe the child’s learning and skill developments along with the coaches/parent’s developments are the main focus points of everything we do. And that is why we believe in the Coach/ Player, Parent/Child development program as part of our teaching philosophy and it’s in all aspects of our training business. We put good service and professional teaching principals at the “core” of our business model because we know that professional teaching is why they come to us first and “proper skill development and results” are why they will continue to come back to us.


Course Insight; 5-PHP Teaching System

The 5-PHP program and overall teaching philosophy is a series of workouts & information based programs consisting of several key developmental areas and professional drills and commands. What makes this training special from other baseball programs, coaches & trainers is that the system and philosophy gives players a “mental checklist” to do that makes learning easy and fun. It also gives the Coaches a checklist to follow and learn as well. By just following the information provided in the order provided the players will see the difference in several main areas of their overall skill development. The system gives measurable results if followed correctly. We are so confident in our training system that we offer a performance guarantee that your child WILL get better as a player after training with us. The 5-PHP (5 Phases of Hitting Performance) program and overall teaching system is made up of these 5-key areas plus so much more.................


  • Phase #1 - Preparation: Mental Mindsets, Strength building, Speed & performance, Flexibility, Conditioning, Nutrition, Regeneration
  • Phase #2 - Set-up: Proper foundation, building a routine, relaxing & focus, deep breathing, hard & soft vision
  • Phase #3 - Action: Rhythm & movement, Power position, Proper stride & balance, Hip explosion, Proper swing path, Pivot weight transfer
  • Phase #4 - Result: HTSAW (Hips, Torso, Shoulders, Arms, Wrists) power at contact, powering through the hitting zone, being balanced throughout the swing, high & strong finish
  • Phase #5 - Evaluation: Testing, Quality pitches & swings, Charting progress, Ability vs. comprehension
  • Customized teaching solutions utilizing the Predator Commands (Pitching, Hitting, etc.)
  • Photo, Video & Visual analysis
  • Proper training & fundamentals from the major league perspective
  • Agility, form running & core training
  • Confidence & learning made easy & fun
  • Progression program based on getting results
  • Understanding the commands: I.E: hitting zone, your hot zone and how to hit all pitches at all speeds
  • We develop athletes for the next level of life not sport.
  • Predators exclusive “Coaches Training System” (CTS)
  • Parent/ Child interaction program


 Our Niche

We believe our niche is the ability to get the Coaches involved in their players or teams development and in the process train them as well. We brand a “system” not a name that gets results. With 20-years of professional baseball experience and armed with the latest professional teaching techniques and the most up-to-date teaching philosophies & principals on the market today, we give our clients the personal service, programs, attention and presence they deserve. We see another core strength as our ability to maintain personal one-on-one relationships with clients long after they come to see us.


The ACCA & Predator U L1 Coaches Training & Certification Course (Also On-Line)

Predator U, the ACCA and the rest of the Predator University "Family" of companies are made up of professional, dedicated and capable people in each skill level & discipline and are trained to solve fundamental & mechanical baseball problems. We empower our coaches to make educational & fundamental changes to our clients based on our training system and are committed to keeping them focused on the task at hand – which is always; proper skill development and advancement. Predator Training Camps USA is the only baseball training company (that we know of) that personally trains ALL of its coaches and has a Verification course offered through ACCA. Because of our “Coaches Rating System” (CRS) we can offer our clients the most highly educated, knowledgeable and top-rated Coaches in Arizona and the US today. To be a Level-1, 2, 3 or 4 Coach in Predator you have to pass a comprehensive written and on-field performance test as well as have a certain number of clinic hours logged and students trained in your career. We have four teaching levels at Predator so when you signup to get professional instruction you always know what level of expertise you are getting. The Predator certification course is offered to anyone interested in learning the game or enhancing you skills. Our course is a one-day 3-hour course which will cover every position and the Predator Way To Teach & Play.  

3-hour L1 certification course fees are: $399.00 per person (Email me for details; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Next class; FALL 2018

  • 2-3-hours of classroom (also ON-LINE) type instruction with small classroom (10 students per)
  • The latest Predator USA Coaching & Teaching manual
  • Reduced team training rates with Bill Sandillo
  • Level-1 Certification Certificate
  • And much, much more...............

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