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Regular T-Work: (50% - Swing Path & Contact Drill)

A). Swing Path Drill or Warm-up: Get into your regular 1.5 stance and start from a relaxed stance position. Tap 45, load then swing (50%). So the commands you’re thinking about is; TAP-LOAD-STRIDE -(Hold) SWING. Concentrate on hitting the ball straight ahead, low and up the middle. See the ball going up the middle through the pitchers legs. Work on “good” contact.

B). Once you have warmed up your swing you can add “motion” to your static T-work training. The variation to static work is adding your Rhythm into the swing while visualizing a pitch. By doing this you can start to create your hand - eye and make better contact off the Tee.


Soft-Toss w/“Motion” Drills: (Hand-eye & Timing Drill)

Motion or Rhythm Soft Toss: Coach or another player move to the side of the hitter about 5 ft away. Start by “presenting” the baseball to the hitter, at this point the hitter starts his Rhythm (Movement). As soon as the hitter Tap-45’s, you (Coach or Player) start your motion downward to toss the ball. The hitter should be loaded up and waiting to hit the ball as it enters his soft toss zone. As the ball enters the zone the hitter gets his front foot down and swings.


Movement T-Work: (Inward Rotation Drill)

Inward Rotation Drill: Get into your regular stance then rotate you’re body outward until you’re body is parallel with the pitcher. Have your Tee partner give the hitter the “Go” command then………..

  1. a.Lift your back heel on your back foot and rotate your body inward and simulate a stride.
  2. b.While rotating inward, take the bat off your shoulders (Tap-45) and position it in the load & Trigger or 60/40 position.
  3. c.Once in this position, swing and hit the ball off the tee. Rotate out and Repeat drill.


Live Pitching from Short Distance: “Super 90” Drill: (Quick Cage or Live)

  1. a.Instructor sits in a chair about 10 feet away from the hitter behind an L-screen.
  2. b.Hitter gets in the “Load/ Explode” position. (Load-stride-hold position)
  3. c.Instructor pitches the ball and the hitter swings using quick hips and hands to hit the ball.
  4. d.If throw hard enough from a short distance this drill will simulate a 80-90-mile an hour fastball. (Hence Super 90)


Flamingo Drill (One-Leg stride/ Weight shift drill)

Take your stance then shift 100% of your weight to your back leg. Hold leg up for 3-seconds. Drop your front leg as you stride to hit the ball of tee. Make sure to not over stride and when your front foot hits the ground, swing. Keep your weight back until you hit the ball.